Once we have received your inquiry about our home organization services, expect to hear from us soon!  We offer a complimentary consultation to each and every client we work with.  Every decluttering and organization project has special details that matter to our clients, and this is our chance to meet with you and discover how we can best assist you.  We will join you in your space and assess the areas you wish to work on, looking at current storage, discussing any issues you might currently have in the space, and making plans.  Fresh Space Home works with clients throughout the entire process to make sure we are focused on what is most important to you, our client.  There is absolutely no obligation for booking with us after the consultation, and we look at it as an opportunity to make sure we can provide the change you are looking for!



Now that we have met with you and are clear on our plan, the fun can begin!  We will arrive at your home with a specific plan for your space based on your consultation, and with any items required for the job.  Together, we will work through your space and choose the items you wish to keep, and then we will organize and create systems for the future storage of these items.  We are not here to judge, but to support and encourage you to store what you love in a way that works for you.

Bathroom Shelves


Now that your space is fresh, decluttered, and organized, we will remove any unwanted items for donation or sale to the location of your choice.  We also offer follow up packages for a weekly, monthly or even yearly refresh of a space we have organized.  Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the results.

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