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5 Genius Ways to Deal With Family Room Electronics

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Electronics in our family rooms; most of us have them! From the gaming systems to the tv, to the cable box and the cords.

Electronics can take over our living spaces!

Our family room should be a place where we can gather for a number of different activities, but if you are like me it always feels like the electronics rule the roost!

No longer! With these simple ideas below you can take back your living space for just that: living!

Today I am sharing 5 ways to deal with these electronics in a way that is organized and HELPS your decor instead of hindering it.

Gaming Systems

Gaming systems can easily become all you see in a family room! But there are ways to store these items so they become a part of the decor and not an eyesore.

If you have the wall space, hang a gaming system holder like this one on the wall. Keeps controllers neat and tidy while still having them easily accessible, not to mention easy to put away! And we know that is as important as the system itself!

Drawers work really well for electronics, and even better if you use drawer dividers to keep them from becoming a big tangled mess. You can also use a basket for these items if you are lacking wall or drawer space.

My biggest tip is to label the cords with a piece of tape or a label so you know which cord goes with which controller or system!

Video games can be stored in a file box like above, or on open or closed shelving if you have it. Keep them easily accessible but also easy to put away to encourage your family to clean up after they are finished!

TV Cables

TV and cable cords can so easily make a space look cluttered and messy. There are a few simple solutions for keeping these spaces looking clean and organized!

You can purchase simple cord covers at a number of different stores (see my Amazon page here for the one I recommend - I may earn a small commission if you purchase something from this link, but I promise I only recommend items I love!) Make sure the ones you choose are paintable and you will be able to have your cords blend right in with the wall.

If you have a bunch of cords hiding under a desk or shelf, a simple basket works wonders to keep them hidden while still using your electronics.

Another idea for keeping cords hidden behind a tv or cable box is to use velcro command strips or even simple tape or zip ties. Simply gather up all the slack and secure behind the tv.

This photo above is mastery of hiding the cords let me tell you! Recreate this genius hack with just some clear tape.


Now I know some of you will glide right past this section as the idea of your television being front and centre is not a big deal. I will tell you that I am the person who would disguise every tv in my home if I could as I love the look of a clean space!

Even if you like having your TV displayed, these photos are sure to make you appreciate the genius behind these ideas!

This homeowner used hooks and a simple dowel rod to place a beautiful focal point tapestry over the tv that can be easily removed whenever they want to watch their favourite show!

Another option is to use sliding barn doors, similar to above or even a smaller version above a fireplace. I love the contrast of these smoky blue doors against the white shelving!

Cable Box, DVD Player, Apple TV, etc.

Now we're into the nitty gritty right? These items are the bane of my existence. My husband believes I am being dramatic, but you feel me right? You basically have two options with these items: hide them or disguise them.

I've rounded up a few of my favourite ideas to hide these in plain sight!

Look closely at that middle "book" - it is actually a cable box disguised by a decorative metal box! Not only is this visually fantastic, but the cable box will still be able to read the remote and function as it is supposed to. This particular box was built so that the front panel can be removed when using. Genius!

Source - Apartment Therapy

Another option for when the Apple TV is not being used is to place it in the back of an open decorative item. When in use, simply pull it out and place on top.

I like to use velcro command strips to attach the Apple tv to the back and side of the tv. This makes it easily removable as well!

One more great idea: a tv stand like the one above with sliding doors. When you are finished watching tv, you can hide all of the electronic equipment with the doors and display only decorative items. Win win!


Generally our remotes lie on our coffee tables or on the back of the couch, or worse, somewhere we can't find them. Those Apple TV remotes are about the size of a pack of gum and SO easy to misplace (especially if you have kids!)

Having a dedicated spot for the remotes is essential if you want to always be able to flip on the Bachelor!

Robert and Lauren over at Bless'er House used contact paper on an old cigar case to create this beautiful coffee table storage container! You can repurpose any storage container similar to this one if the remotes fit!

You can also place remotes in a simple basket or other container on the coffee table.

Great idea of the day: If you like things neat and clean, use velcro strips to attach the remote to the underside of the coffee table! Hidden from little fingers and easy to access.

I hope some of these ideas will help you in your quest for a family room for everyone to enjoy!

Happy Organizing!


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