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6 Must Have Products from IKEA

Last week I shared some of my favourite Amazon products for organization, and this week I'm sticking with the same theme: we're hitting IKEA!

But first off, I'm going to admit something: there is not much I love more than IKEA.

My husband? Yes. Kids? Of course. My favourite food, decadent lemon pie? Nope. My favourite food has got nothing on IKEA. (In fact, on that note, they actually make one of my favourite foods - the Daim Cake. If you're gluten free, try this stuff. It's addicting).

This place knows how to create products! Every time I am searching for the perfect solution for a space, I end up back at IKEA as they just know what I need.

I swear it's like they are inside my head!

Now let's be clear: this is not a sponsored post! I just love their products. Would I accept it if it was offered? YES.

IKEA I am waiting for you.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, read on to see my must have IKEA products!


This product is useful in SO MANY SPACES. I'm going to list just a few:

- pantry organization

- craft supplies

- under sink storage

- linen closet storage

- laundry room organization

- cleaning supply storage

- game storage

- I could go on and on and on...

It comes in 2 sizes and is actually my all time favourite Ikea product.


I have lived in a lot of homes and in almost all of them I have demolished the closets and replaced them with the PAX Wardrobe system from IKEA. These wardrobes are completely customizable for your needs, space and tastes and are the cream of the crop when it comes to custom-looking but actually store bought storage.

Not to mention you can find so many hacks for making them look built-in and custom on Pinterest! A must have for anyone who wants that dream closet organization.


These units come in so many versatile sizes all the way from 4 compartments up to this 25 unit organizer.

Not only can you choose your own adventure for size, you can choose the colour as well as show your personality through the bins and organizers you use inside of it!

These units are beneficial in almost every space in your home. From the playroom, bedroom and living room, to the entryway, media room, kitchen and office.


These simple, inexpensive boxes are the way to go for drawer and small item organization.

They can easily take your drawers from a messy pile to organized in a flash, with 3 different sizes in every pack. Use them for underwear, bras, sports apparel, pants, nylons, socks, belts, ties, the junk drawer, a wrapping station ... you name it!

These boxes will help you complete the easiest drawer update you have ever done.


Lulu lemon has the scuba hoodie, Pottery Barn has the white couch, and IKEA has the HEMNES dresser.

If there was ever a classic IKEA piece, this would be it. Do a simple search on Pinterest for IKEA HEMNES dresser hacks and you will find so many great ideas to make this dresser your own. The classic lines and excellent storage make it a fantastic (and affordable!) piece for your home.


You want to talk multi-functional, here we have the IKEA SKADIS pegboard. A more versatile product I don't think I have ever laid eyes on.

Use this in a craft room, a play space, for art supplies, in a laundry room, the back entry, the home office, the kitchen, you name it. If you have something to store there, I bet the space could use a pegboard. This is one my favourite products IKEA has come out with.

This is just a small sampling of the amazing products IKEA has to offer. Not only are their products always fantastic, but there is always a great price point and items are easy to set up on your own.

Which are your favourite products? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Organizing!


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