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How to Store your Entryway Accessories!

Good morning all! We have reached week 3 of our Essentials series and I am so excited for this one! I mean, let's be honest, I get excited for most everything surrounding organization and storage, but this one is a huge one for entryways!

We're talking accessories!

I don't know about you, but living in a location that has ALL types of weather from snow, slush, and ice to summer heat and everything in between, we have accessories. Oh do we ever have accessories!!

Toques, mittens, hats, scarves, umbrellas, helmets, bug spray, suntan lotion ... I could go on and on. And the amount we have in our entryway is almost unbelievable. Shoes are definitely a huge burden for our entryways to bear as we discussed last week in this post, but accessories can easily take over even more space if you don't have a plan for these items!

In the summer, hats are a necessity to keep our children (and ourselves!) cool and protected. We need storage for these. In the spring, you may need an umbrella or a scarf, depending on the day. In the winter, I can't even count all of the items you may need. And if there are more people in your home than just you, the number of these items grows VERY quickly.

So in order to continue bringing calm and peace to your entryways, I have collected the most inspirational spaces for storage and organization of these items for you all today! Enjoy having a look and hopefully find some inspiration for your very own entrance!

Accessory Storage #1: Hats & Helmets

Ball caps, wide brim hats, beach hats, helmets, and church hats are all issues you may or may not deal with in your home. At our house, we have to store ball caps, some of my daughters wide brimmed sun hats, helmets for all of our bikes, and my kid's beach hats. When you have hat lovers in the home like I do, there is high demand for fantastic hat storage!

There are some great options for hats, but my personal favourite are hat racks! A hat rack can be mounted on the wall, or you can use a stand in the corner. You can mount a modern, interesting rack like this rack from

lavorist.com, or you can try a DIY version like this beautiful copper hat hanger from collectivegen.com.

Let's be honest, sometimes the ball caps overwhelm us and in that case, I recommend having a basket for each member of your family that you can toss their hats into. If you have the space and are able to have a few hooks for each family member, even better!

I absolutely love this idea below by alt.dk using straight hooks for everything from jackets to hats to purses, and attaching baskets to the hooks. Assign a basket for each family member and you have easy

hat storage for every single person in your family!

Things to remember about hat storage: if a hat requires it keep it's shape, consider hanging instead of throwing into a basket or bin. Some hats will require special care and be sure to take that into consideration when designing your hat storage.

Accessory Storage #2: Cool Weather Items (Mittens, Toques, Scarves)

Alright I'll be honest, as a family we have tried a LOT of options for how to store our winter items like mittens, toques, scarves, ear muffs, gloves and hand warmers (yes, it gets that cold here :))

After many years of trial and error, I have found that the easiest way for my kids and myself to stay happy with the storage is to use baskets and/or plastic totes. I designate one area per person and this becomes their "dump zone." If you have an indoor entryway with limited space, a basket for every person works wonderfully, as in this beautiful entryway from homedecormomma.com.

If you are lucky enough to have wall space in your entryway, I would recommend a wall mounted wire basket such as this beautiful one from wayfair.com. When wet mittens come into the entryway, it is nice to have them stored in a location that allows for good air flow so they dry out before the next use.

Ideally, it works really well to have one of these organizers per person so each basket can hold a different item. Imagine never searching for a lost mitten again! Who am I kidding, that might still happen. But at least you'll know where they are supposed to be!

Accessory Storage #3: Umbrellas

I will be honest, the amount of days we actually need an umbrella here on the prairies are limited. But those days when we do need one, I am always happy to have stored it nearby in the entryway for easy access because the rain seems to come out of nowhere!

One of my favourite ways to store umbrellas in an entryway is by using an unexpected container that speaks to who you are as a family and adds to your decor.

Perhaps you have a large jug that is from the farm, or an old planter that you love - repurpose it for umbrellas in the foyer!

If you are running short on floor space, look to the walls. These holders from Ikea.com are one of the best for storing items on the wall and work wonderfully for umbrellas mounted to the inside of your closet space.

You can also use an old fashioned coat rack with space on the bottom for umbrellas. I love this look if you have a large and impressive entryway. It lends an air of sophistication to any space.

Accessory Storage #4: Outdoor Essentials

This category includes bug spray, suntan lotion, heat packs for your hands and feet, and any other entryway items that you consider accessories.

I personally love using a simple container that suits your decor and keeps things corralled in one place.

One of my favourite options is a basic galvanized bucket such as this one from wayfair. It is super easy to keep items in one place, but still looks stylish in a farmhouse style entryway.

If you are looking for a cleaner, more streamlined look, another favourite of

mine is the VARIERA bin from Ikea. I love that you can't see into it, it is easy to grab because of the handles, and with a label looks beautiful on any shelf.

By the way, even though I recommend these bins constantly, I wanted to say that I do not get paid to recommend them - I just LOVE THEM! :)

Any type of container you want to use to keep these items together will work! The trick is to keep your style in every piece and you will shine through!

I hope this rundown on entryway accessory storage gave you some great ideas for your own space! As the seasons transition to summer, we start spending even more time outdoors and to be able to grab what we need when we need it is invaluable, and will give us more time outdoors to spend together.

Enjoy your week, and I will see you again soon!

Happy Organizing,


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