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My Top 5 Amazon Pantry Organization Picks

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Do you ever get on Amazon and immediately get overwhelmed with the options when searching for "organizational products?"

I get asked all of the time which products I would pick, so today I'm answering the call!

Here are my 5 absolute favourite products for organizing your pantry from Amazon!

As an FYI: As an Amazon Associate I may earn a small commission from any qualifying purchases. This does not mean I recommend them any less as these are the products I personally use :)

#1 - The ClosetMaid Wall and Door Rack

This ClosetMaid rack is the bomb. Actually.

It can attach directly to the wall like above, or hang on the back of a door for fantastic spice, condiment, drink or soup storage. Oh and did I mention you can adjust the location of the shelves, making it perfect for a closet with shelves immediately behind the door.

(**Extra tip: this is also fantastic on the back of a clothes closet for items like belts or handbags!)

For $52.99 this is absolutely worth it!

Get it here!

#2 - The Can Rack

Picture the spot in your pantry where you keep cans: either pop cans, soup cans or canned fruit and veggies. If they are standing on the shelf, chances are they are taking up more space than they could be with this rack.

This is a fabulous way to use up all of the vertical space in your pantry for excellent storage!

Get it here for $30.87

#3 - The Clear Acrylic Bin

My all time favourite pantry product, a clear acrylic bin will organize your pantry without adding any visual barriers and keeping it easy to see what is in each container.

These bins come in numerous different sizes and shapes, perfect for all sorts of dry good organization!

They also work wonders in the fridge!

Get this one here for $20.69

#4 - The Metal Basket

If you've followed me for any length of time, you know I love a beautiful pantry as well as an organized one.

Some of my favourite pantry spaces use a mix of metals, woven baskets and acrylic to complete the space.

This metal basket is ideal as it is perfectly square, making it so that boxed goods fit perfectly. Not only that but they add a bit of a farmhouse feel to your space.

These come in a 4 pack to make it easy for your pantry to have a cohesive feel! $105.82 for a pack of 4 - get them here!

#5 - The Turntable

To round it out, this product is the BEST for dark corners in a pantry or cabinet!

Using a turntable in the corner of your pantry can keep items available and use up that lost space. This one from youCopia has removable pie shaped pieces so you can easily remove the one that you need. Total win for any pantry space!

Get it here for $32.49

If you have a favourite Amazon pantry organization product, list it below!

Happy Organizing,


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