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Progress vs. Perfection

Today I want to talk to you about the perfect home.

We've all seen it. This is the one you see on Pinterest and Instagram, the one that has white dinner chairs with perfectly styled countertops. There is usually just the right amount of decor to make you feel relaxed but also slightly wonder where the everyday items are. You might glimpse a child or a dog in the background and somewhere in the back of your head you wonder "How the ..." but you continue to look and dream and covet.

And now I want to talk about reality.

Those white dinner chairs are only used when guests come over for fear of spilling spaghetti sauce on them, and children are not allowed to colour while sitting on them (believe me, I know - did I mention this is my kitchen?) By the way, the chairs tucked under the table are already marked with chocolate from someone's birthday cake.

Those photos are styled. By styled I mean stuff was moved, lighting was perfect, items were stolen from another room to look good in that space and then at the perfect moment, with everything perfectly clean, it was taken (I also know this as I take photos like this for Instagram myself - yep, admitting it.)

And the woman running it all? The one you think has it all together - doesn't she exist?

Well, she does, in one of 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1:

She has help (whether that is in the form of a nanny, cleaning woman, set manager, social media manager, perhaps even all of the above) and for her, extreme joy is found in keeping her home up to this standard. There is nothing wrong with this scenario.


Scenario 2:

Her home does not actually look just like this picture at all times. There is also nothing wrong with this scenario: in fact, I fall into this bracket.

It's a hard truth to swallow, especially if you are like me and always striving for your home to look just like that photo. But it's just the truth. This is the way it is.

"Umm, Jerilyn, why are you depressing me today?? "

Because, my friend, I am here to tell you that the Pinterest image, the Instagram home, the perfect vision you have in your head should not actually be your goal.

That's right, I said it. The professional organizer is telling you that the inspirational photos you see everywhere should not be what you are aiming for.

So then, what should be your goal?

Now we're asking the right questions.

The goal is simple and easy to do, but many pass over it because of its simplicity.

Are you ready?

Your goal should be progress.

Yep, that is the goal. Working one small step at a time to take your home towards what YOU want it to be. Not what Pinterest or Instagram says it should be, but what you want it to be.

A place where your family gathers for shared laughter and board games. A place that brings comfort to broken hearts. A place where you can bless others with a cup of tea and some homemade cookies. Whatever that vision is for you is what you need to be striving for and visualizing.

Now does this mean if you have a vision of a gorgeous home it is not a solid goal? Absolutely not! I personally adore a beautifully decorated home and am always working towards it. But I know that if I get caught up in the beauty and not the feeling behind the space I am creating, it is a dead and empty space.

What I want you to remember is that everyday life needs to become more important than the picture perfect vision. I am SO speaking to myself here, believe me.

The values we have in our family of time spent together and laughter and love is not shown through the perfection of the white dinner chairs. But it is shown through me caring for my home and creating a space, one step at time, that reflects myself and my loved ones. Can those moments be celebrated on those white dinner chairs? Absolutely. And I hope they do.

When I ask you to envision your home, I want you to see one small change you can make to take it in the right direction, today: hence the progress and not perfection.

The smallest change can sometimes make the biggest ripple effect.

My personal purpose in this life is to encourage and inspire others to create time for things that matter to them, and to create a life and a home full of joy. Don't let comparison rob you of the joy you have right now.

Love your home. Love your life. Love you. And keep on progressing my friend.

Happy Organizing,


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