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Quick Guide on Entryway Bag Storage

Storing items like purses, bags, backpacks and reusable bags can be so difficult! If you're like me, you have many different sizes, shapes and materials that need to be taken into account, and you also need to know where the best place is for these items! Oh and did I mention it needs to be somewhere your family thinks is a good place?

I'm not talking from experience or anything (who am I kidding) but if your kids don't have a specific place for their backpacks, well, you can expect to find them anywhere really.

Today we are looking at how to store these items in the entryway. There is possibly no worse feeling than having to leave RIGHT NOW and not knowing where your purse is, or your bags for a grocery trip.

Let's eliminate that search once and for all!

Today we're going to look at options to set up your bag storage so you know where everything is at any moment. Let's go!

Option One: Hooks

The use of hooks is recommended by many and for good reason! Hooks can be mounted anywhere you have extra space, and can store everything from purses to backpacks to coats ... the opportunities are endless! For bags, a hook on the back of a door is a fantastic way to organize these larger, bulkier items.

If you have blank wall space, mounting hooks in 2 horizontal rows can give you so much more space to place your items!

And then we have hooks specifically for a certain person's item. One of my favourite entryway design ideas is to use an identifier for each child above each hook for backpacks, like this adorable space from Heather at settingforfour.com:

Not only are there hooks ready to take their bags at the end of the day, but I like to imagine these are chore lists for when the kids get home from school. What a fantastic setup!

Of all the ways I have tried to store backpacks, this is my number one choice. Designate a hook for each child and it is their responsibility to empty it and place it there every evening for school the next morning.

If you have limited wall space, you can still utilize a small stripe of wall with a vertical wall mounted hook system! There are many stylish ideas out there for vertical hooks that can save a lot of room and make the most of a small space!

However, if you have wall space in use for other storage items, there are other ways to organize purses and bags!

Option Two: Cubbies and Baskets

This mudroom built-in is stunning isn't it? The mix of baskets, hooks and cubbies makes for a beautiful mix of storage options. Granted, not everyone has a cubby system that is as amazing as this one. But cubbies, whether in a custom closet like this, or a bench like this,

are amazing for storing random items! I love cubbies with interior bins for reusable bags the most, as they can easily be file folded and placed inside, out of sight. Try to limit your reusable bags to fit inside the box they are to go in - this keeps them decluttered as these bags honestly tend to multiply!

Once you have your reusable bags folded and inside a bin or basket, you can clip them with clothespins as above if you like to keep them together. Personally I just file fold them and place them in the basket. Perfect storage for reusable bags!

*Extra tip! If you keep your reusable bags in a tote with a handle, just grab the whole thing and place it in your trunk when you go grocery shopping! Storing them ready to go in the house makes for a streamlined process when it's time to go out.

Option 3: Hanging

If you don't have any wall space, or would prefer to keep items hidden inside a closet, then hanging is the best option for you! This purse hanger from West Elm uses vertical space and keeps items neat and tidy in one location. Another excellent vertical storage option:

A hanging purse organizer! Not only does it take up less space in your closet, but the plastic cover keeps the dust and grime from other items off your bags.

If you have more space in your closet, consider purse hangers:

You can use specific hangers meant for purses such as these, or even shower hooks on a rod work wonderfully!

And don't forget to use the back of the door (this is such a good option, I am listing it twice!!

This organizer that attaches to the back of your door was designed for pantry items, but look at how useful it is in storing purses, reusable bags, and other entryway items! What a fantastic use of what is usually dead space.

Once you have a designated space for backpacks, your afternoons will be so much easier. And your kids will have no excuse!

When you have a spot you always place your purse, your mornings will be easier. No more searching on your way out the door!

And when you need to go grocery shopping and know exactly where your reusable bags are, you can grab them and go.

Small changes such as designating a space for everything in your home can lead to huge overall wins! An organized entryway will continue to add joy to your home every time you enter and exit.

Happy Organizing!


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