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The Essential Guide to Entryway Shoe Storage.

Good morning all!

Today I am feeling thankful! As I write this, my children are outside playing on their brand new (to them, we've secretly had it in the shed for a year and half) trampoline and I have peace and quiet in my home like I haven't had in, well, almost 2 months!! Can you see my excitement?

This is me revelling in the silence.

Not to say the kids haven't been playing outside, they have been, but we have been trying to keep them in the backyard when we are not out with them (you know, social distancing and all) for our daily bike rides and walks and they get kind of bored.

Now, I grew up on an acreage and have TONS of great ideas for them to do outside, but they think every single one of them is lame. What am I doing wrong?? Not sure. But one day I will hook them with my ideas of picking rocks out of the grass!! :)

Today I am diving into our first topic in our Entryway Essentials series: Shoe Storage!

I am going over my very favourite ideas for shoe storage year round, and talking with you about the pros and cons of each.

Shoe storage is definitely one of the main pain points when dealing with entryways. Issues can stem from having a small space you don't know what to do with, or a huge space that you're not sure how to use most efficiently!

Whether you have a small space entry, a huge garage plus mud room, or whether you have one person in your home or 10, you need good shoe storage!

So that being said, on to my favourite shoe storage ideas!

Option One: Shelves

If you have the wall or cupboard space, shelving can be a fantastic way to keep shoes and boots off the ground and out from underfoot. Shelves can help you have a good idea of how many pairs of shoes you have per person, and when the shelf is full, one must go if a new one comes in!

These examples show how a simple use of wall or cabinet space can bring in massive amounts of useful storage!

Pros for shelves:

  • Excellent use of wall space

  • Lots of storage with little footprint

  • Keeps shoes organized and clean

  • Fully customizable for your space

Cons for shelves:

  • Limited space

  • Not as easy for children, especially if shelves are high

  • May require custom dimensions to properly suit your space

Option Two: Baskets

My personal favourite, baskets are a fantastic way to store shoes with style and ease, especially if you have little kids! I tried forcing my children for years to use shelving and ended up frustrated most of the time. Now I have a basket they just toss them into and voila! Our shoes remain organized!

Pros for baskets:

  • Look beautiful and keep the space clear visually

  • Easy for kids to use

  • Ideal for families with multiple people

Cons for baskets:

  • Difficult to keep clean in the winter

  • Will require regular emptying and cleaning

Option Three: Shoe Storage Furniture

Another excellent option for shoe storage is furniture created specifically for this purpose! Both of these shoes cabinets are from Ikea (if I haven't mentioned already, it is one of my favourite stores for organizational items!) The slim design makes them perfect in many small and large spaces alike as they are easy to use and add a beautiful touch to the space.

Pros for shoe storage furniture:

  • Can be a beautiful addition to decor

  • Shoes hidden away leaving a clean space

  • Easy to use and not custom

Cons for shoe storage furniture:

  • Limited storage

  • Won't fit boots or larger shoes

  • Usually only suited for an indoor entry, not a great choice in a dusty garage

Option Four: Boot Racks

Once you have a way to store your shoes, boot storage is necessary as well! I love a wall mounted boot rack like the one to the right (this is from Joanne Gaines' stunning garden house - if you have not seen it yet, click the picture to check it out!) as there is room for 12 pairs of dirty boots and zero floor space is used.

Another option for boot storage is boot trays, but depending on the number of family members you have this can be a big amount of floor space. I recommend boot racks for everyone as an excellent space saver, not to mention a way to keep your floors clean!

Whether you choose to use just one, or a mixture of all 4 types of shoe storage, I hope these shoe storage options and photos inspire you to bring some joy and organization to your entryway! This type of storage is used daily and is so important to lending organization to your home.

Happy Organizing!


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