November 2020

We are open for business and excited to help you create the home you are looking for!

In accordance with Alberta government regulations, we will be practicing the following to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • practicing good hand hygiene

  • practicing physical distancing

  • wearing a mask and gloves at all times

  • only offering our services when we are in good health with no symptoms

We wish you and your loved ones health, safety and peace at this time as we continue to fight this together.

Fresh Space Home


A perfect DIY plan for your space

This service is perfect for you if you need ideas but want to do the work yourself.  We will join you in your home and complete a 2 hour consultation with you.  We will walk through the space or spaces you have indicated, and discuss issues with spatial planning, decluttering, organization, design, decor and storage.  By the time we are finished with our consult, you will have many ideas to put into practice immediately.  We will complete a written action plan for you to implement, including product recommendations specific to your space.  This option is for you if you need a bit of help planning, but love the hands on of decluttering and organizing on your own!


Includes a complimentary consultation, a 2 hour in person home walk through and a detailed action plan.


Personalized service for your home

If you have one room, a closet, multiple rooms or even your entire home that requires some love and attention through decluttering and organization, then this is for you!  We will work together to declutter the spaces and intentionally make decisions on what you would like in your home.  We realize that this can be an emotional step, and will be there to support you throughout the process.  We do not force you to donate or sell any item you want to keep, as this is your home and it should reflect who you are.  Once the decluttering is complete, we will designate the now decluttered areas for specific uses.  Then we organize!  We will create systems that are sustainable, and that work for you and your family to store items that will be kept in the space in a functional, practical way.  We come fully prepared with hangers, bins and baskets decided upon during our consultation, and recommendations for donation locations.  When we are finished, we will remove all of the unwanted items, and take them to your donation location of choice.  Our goal is to provide excellent solutions that make your life easier and more peaceful.

Package Options:

Every package includes e-mail and telephone support, research and shopping for products and/or furniture, and removal of any unwanted items for donation or sale

1 session (3 hours hands on in-home organizing) - $195 ($65/hr)

4 sessions (12 hours hands on in-home organizing) - $720 ($60/hr)  

8 sessions (24 hours hands on in-home organizing) - $1320 ($55/hr)  

12 sessions (36 hours hands on in-home organizing) - $1800 ($50/hr)  

16 sessions (48 hours hands on in-home organizing) - $2160 ($45/hr)  


Decluttering in your old home, organization in your new one

Let us assist you in making your move as seamless as possible for you and your family.  We will meet with you at your current home and declutter together, making sure you bring only the items you really want into your new home.  We will remove any unwanted items to your chosen donation location.  We will assist in staging your current home for sale in order to offer the best foot forward in the real estate market.  Together, we will assess your new space and make plans for organization in your new home, taking into account your specific wants and needs as a family.  We will look at your current furniture and plan your new space with these items to make sure that you are only moving the furniture that is required.  

Once your belongings have arrived at your new location, we will work alongside you or on our own to quickly and efficiently unpack and organize, beginning with the spaces you deem most important.  We will arrive with organizational items you may need such as baskets, drawer inserts, hangers and bins.  After we have unpacked, moving boxes and other packing materials will be removed and made ready for pick up, or disposed of by our staff.  We want this to be an experience that is fully customizable based on your wants and needs, and as such our services are based only on what you deem most necessary for you and your family.   Our goal is to make your move as stress free as possible so you can move right in and love your new space.

Pricing includes e-mail and telephone support, a personalized plan for your new space, research and shopping for products and/or furniture, and removal of any unwanted items for donation or sale.  Exact pricing will be dependent upon services requested by client, and based on hours required will be similar to package options as listed in the above package options.

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