March 2021

We are happy to announce that we are open for in-home service in accordance with Alberta government regulations and will be practicing the following to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • practicing good hand hygiene

  • practicing physical distancing

  • wearing a mask and gloves at all times

  • only offering our services when we are in good health with no symptoms

We wish you and your loved ones health, safety and peace at this time as we continue to fight this together.

Fresh Space Home

Pexels Bedroom.jpg


A fresh new look for your space

Do you have an area of your home that requires space planning, a design update or even help with furniture placement?

If so, you have come to the right place.


We will work with you to develop a personalized plan for your space, including everything from wall colour to decor, furniture to artwork.  We listen to your families needs and take into consideration everything that is important to you in your space.  We will meet with you to complete a consultation, provide a detailed mock-up drawing of the space, and provide you with specific product recommendations.  Let us help you to create the space you are dreaming of.


5% over fee for product purchases made on the clients behalf

Mileage fees will apply for any project 100km outside of Vegreville (excluding the Edmonton area)

Outside of the central Alberta area?  We are happy to travel!



Personalized service for your home

If you have one room, a closet, multiple rooms or even your entire home that requires some love and attention through decluttering and organization, then this is for you!  We will begin with a consultation focusing on the outcome you would like to achieve.  We will come up with a personalized plan for your space, including product recommendations if requested.  Then the fun begins!


We will work together to declutter the spaces and intentionally make decisions on what you would like in your home.  We realize that this can be an emotional journey, and will be there to support you throughout the process.  We do not force you to donate or sell any item you would like to keep as this is your home and it should reflect who you are.  


Once the decluttering is complete, we will designate the now decluttered areas for specific uses.  Then we organize!  We will create systems that are sustainable and that work for you and your family to store items that will be kept in the space in a functional, practical way.  We come fully prepared with hangers, bins, baskets and even furniture as decided upon during our consultation.  We also offer a donation removal service if you desire.  Our goal is to provide excellent solutions that make your life easier and more peaceful.


Product pick-up & delivery offered at flat fee of $120

Mileage fees will apply for any project 100km outside of Vegreville (excluding the Edmonton area)

Outside of the central Alberta area?  We are happy to travel!

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior


One-on-one coaching to create the vision you have for your home

Are you feeling overwhelmed and short on time, lacking the motivation to get spaces cleared out and organized with everything you have going on in your life?  When you have a vision for your space, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly where to start or what to do first.  This is where virtual coaching comes in.

We will work with you in 90-minute time periods to establish habits, routines, time management and practical skills to help you reach the vision you have for your home.  We want to teach you how to declutter and organize one space at a time using the simple 3R method.  You will develop tools and habits that will help you to keep your home where you want it to be!  The confidence that comes from truly learning these steps can be that change you are looking for.

Package Options:

Each package includes a detailed step-by-step action plan personalized for you and your space, as well as personal coaching throughout.

4 sessions (6 hours virtual coaching) +1 personalized space plan - $475

8 sessions (12 hours virtual coaching) + 2 personalized space plans - $890 ($60 savings)

12 sessions (18 hours virtual coaching) + 3 personalized space plans - $1245 ($180 savings)